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Jiranek: 'Music from Eighteenth Century Prague'

Magazine article Gramophone

Jiranek: 'Music from Eighteenth Century Prague'

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'Music from Eighteenth Century Prague'

Bassoon Concerto, Jk20. Flute Concerto, Jk11. Oboe Concertos--Jk15; Jk17. Triple Concerto, Jk22. Violin Concerto, JMp1 (attrib Vivaldi, RMAnh8)

Xenia Loffler ob Sergio Azzolini bn Lenka Torgersen vn Vojtech Semerad va d'amore Collegium Marianum / Jana Semeradova fl

Supraphon (F) SU4208-2 (69' * DDD)

You might have heard of Frantisek Jiranek, the Czech violinist and composer who was born in 1698 on a Czech aristocrat's estate, possibly studied with Vivaldi in Venice, then returned to play and compose in Count Morzin's court in Prague. You might even have heard a few of his arresting instrumental concertos and not quite so arresting sinfonias. Beyond that, things start to get woolly. Even his tiny but tenacious coterie of devotees is still struggling to establish the exact authorship of music generally attributed to him.

Such mysteries, though, are key to Supraphon's exploration of 'Music from Eighteenth Century Prague'. This latest release in the series makes a feature of the ambiguities surrounding certain works. Who wrote the Concerto in D for violin: Jiranek or Vivaldi? And can we hold Jiranek personally responsible for the idiosyncrasies of his Concerto in A, not least the unusual viola d'amore part? …

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