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Ten of the Best

Magazine article Geographical

Ten of the Best

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While the car would obviously be the main piece of equipment for a rally from England to Mongolia, for Drew Gurian it was the other items that would ensure the trip would go as smoothly as it could. From in-car entertainment, to reliable communications (and the necessary power to keep them all charged up), the gear was as much about keeping the passengers running as it was the vehicle. Of course, a tow rope can always come in handy from time to time...

1. Communications


Delorme inReach--[pounds sterling]359; 213g The one piece of gear that proved more important than any other. Phone reception was non-existent in many places, and even road maps proved inaccurate. The Delorme let us know exactly where we were, enabled us to send texts via satellite, and got us help when needed.

2. Radio

BaoFeng UV-5R 2-Way Radios--[pounds sterling]99;204g Though not the most user-friendly layout for an amateur radio user, these proved to be really helpful for communicating between vehicles. Battery life was great, and when used with a magnetic rooftop antenna, they provided impressive range.

3. Digital storage

SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC--[pounds sterling]29.99; 0.5g Whether you're using a GoPro or other action camera, get yourself a couple of high capacity SD cards. The price has dropped on memory so much there's no need to worry about running out of space. Two of these could keep our GoPro shooting time-lapses all day for a week.

4. Rope

AA 35 Tonne Tow Rope--[pounds sterling]1199; 640g Though we didn't expect to use this much, it ended up being a lifesaver on several occasions. I'm embarrassed to say just how many times Rosie and Jane had to tow us, but without it, we would have been in much bigger trouble.

5. Music player

Apple 128GB iPod--[pounds sterling]379; 88g As great as it is to soak in all the nature your eyes can see, 53 days in a car is a very long time. …

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