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Year 2000 Resources

Magazine article Risk Management

Year 2000 Resources

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The year 2000 computer software crisis needs no introduction. Companies that have not started addressing this problem (also known as 'y2k' and 'the millennium bug') may be putting their computer systems - and possibly their survival - in serious jeopardy. And many are realizing that the year 2000 problem is not an issue just for IT or MIS departments but rather an enterprise-wide challenge for managers on all levels from various departments.

The seriousness of the problem is evident at many year 2000 Web sites that display the time remaining until the dawn of the new millennium, which represents the ultimate test for year 2000 strategies. These graphic countdowns sound the warning of impending doom for those procrastinators who have not yet begun to get a handle on what could be an unpleasant beginning to the 21st century.

For risk managers trying to grasp the year 2000 challenge, there are plenty of online resources to educate you on the basic issues. If you and your company are in the process of solving the problem but need assistance with legal, compliance or other questions, there is also help on the Internet. We've done some advance work and come up with the following short list of sites to help you navigate your research, no matter what stage you're at.

The Mother of All Year 2000 Link Centers ( is by far the most comprehensive site, providing links to all sorts of year 2000 information under headings such as compliance, magazine and newspaper articles, solution providers, educational institutions, governments and employment opportunities. Seemingly every possible link is provided here, from Idaho Public Television to the Irish Computer Society. There are more than 2,600 links in this library, but the site is well organized and not intimidating.

Steve Davis, a budget manager in Montgomery County, Maryland, who is responsible for assisting his employer with year 2000 issues, maintains a public service Web site addressing the impact of the problem. Located at, this site has a special section focusing on risk management, including best practices for year 2000 issues. Also included are links to articles relating to the legal and risk management aspects of the potential crisis.

The Cassandra Project is a grassroots organization promoting preparation for the year 2000 and its effects on public health. …

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