Magazine article Word Ways

Fait a Complete-1

Magazine article Word Ways

Fait a Complete-1

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When told that their soon-to-be-born baby would be a boy, the overjoyed prospective parents decided to name him ALLAN. Imagine their astonishment when the doctor delivered a healthy baby girl instead! "No problem at all," they proclaimed. "We'll simply change the two "A"s to "E"s and call our new daughter ELLEN."

This illustrates the essence of the challenge that awaits you. The pairs of words below are spelled identically, excepting the indicated nonadjacent double letters. Your charge is to fill in the blanks to reveal the original specimens. For instance, P--P--// T--T--could be completed in several different ways, among them PAUPER,// TAUTER, POOPED// TOOTED, and POMPOM // TOMTOM. Every effort has been made to insure unique responses, but as ELLEN'S parents learned, nothing in life is guaranteed.

1. A---A// S---S

2. B-B--// T-T--

3. -E-E-//-O-O-

4. --E - E //--Y-Y

5. F-F--// M - M--

6. …

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