Magazine article Word Ways

Letter Pair Puzzles-Solutions

Magazine article Word Ways

Letter Pair Puzzles-Solutions

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Here are answers to the two word-pair puzzles in the May issue, called Letters of Introduction and Twinagrams. and also to the new These and Those puzzle. Any of these ideas worth taking further?

Letters of Introduction

Clues are given for pairs of words which are spelled identically except that one of them has an extra letter (or two consecutive letters) introduced. For example, the clue 'Stingy chap' could yield the pair 'mean' and 'man' and the introduced letter is therefore E. Similarly, 'Gave a gift that's old-fashioned' could yield the pair 'dated' and 'donated', so that the introduced letters would be ON. By putting the introduced letters into the crossword-type grid, common words will be formed

 1,2     Fruit comes into view              APpear
3       Rid yourself of the impulse        Purge
4,5     Tree shown on chart                mapLE
6       Catch what follows                 neXt
7,10    Live and in colour                 bLUe
8,11    Living by asking for your money    beGGing
9,12    Tidy up your vehicle               cLEar
13,14   Notices reeds                      seDGes
15,16   All the rage, then fizzles out.    fadES


This puzzle is based on finding pairs of words that are anagrams of one another. A clue is given that includes definitions (nothing cryptic or obscure) of both words, and the solver is told how many letters there are. Then it is stated which lettesr of which word are to be entered into a crossword-type grid. For example, if you are told to find a pair of four-letter anagrams, and the clue is "A source of sugar gives you a skin problem" you are supposed to find 'cane' and 'acne'. If you are further told to take the first letter of the first word and the fourth letter of the other word, then you get the combination 'CE' to put in the stated squares of the grid. …

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