Magazine article USA TODAY

If Given the Chance, the Dems Will Make the U.S. into a "Flabby Europe"

Magazine article USA TODAY

If Given the Chance, the Dems Will Make the U.S. into a "Flabby Europe"

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"... A [Democrat-controlled] government will make the Obama Administration look like weak tea. The program will be to alter the political landscape so that nothing like the Trump Administration or, for that matter, any conservative administration, ever returns to power."

CAN THE REPUBLICANS govern? By the end of the current congressional session, the public will have an answer. During the last six years of the Obama Administration, the Republicans controlled Congress. Then, they worked on proposals to reform taxes and restructure ObamaCare. Any such proposals that passed the House died in the Senate or were vetoed by Pres. Barack Obama. It was the politics of symbolism, but not simply a kabuki dance.

One hoped that the Republicans were giving the public an indication of what would happen if they were to capture the presidency and the Congress. Perhaps few congressional Republicans believed that would not occur, so many were just going through the motions-but it did happen and now the cold reality of governing is upon them. It staggers the imagination that seasoned Republican legislators did not have legislation polished and ready to go when the current Congress convened. Why weren't these bills on Pres. Donald Trump's desk soon after the inauguration?

Admittedly, the Republicans face a polarized and embittered partisan environment. The Democrats have made it clear that they will not lift a finger to get heath care reform, tax reform, or anything else of consequence passed. However, in the first two years of the Obama Administration, the Democrats faced a similar opposition from the Republicans and were able to get ObamaCare and their bloated stimulus package through Congress. Whatever one thinks of those programs, they became law. If the Republicans cannot do the same, why would voters give them another opportunity?

A central promise of the Republican platform was reforming the tax code so as to unleash capital from home and abroad, ignite a business boom, and bring jobs to an underemployed working class. If that central promise remains unfilled and the economy begins to slow down, the 2018 elections will do to the Republicans what the 2010 and 2014 elections did to the Democrats--sweep many of them out of office. Should that happen, little will remain of the Trump presidency. No judges will be confirmed; no legislation will have a chance; and the "Russian collusion" investigations will proceed with a vengeance.

What should be even more frightening to Republicans is what is likely to occur in 2020 should the Democrats go on to capture the presidency and Congress. The 2016 election and its aftermath have made it clear that the Democratic Party is further left than ever. The Bernie Sanders wing no longer simply is a wing--it is the heart and soul of the Party. During the last presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton, an alleged moderate, adopted the Sanders' positions on free college tuition, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the public option for health care. The Sanders supporters practically wrote the 2016 Democratic platform.

The energy, if not the fury, in the Democratic Party belongs to left-wing activists. The House Blue Dog Coalition of moderate to conservative Democrats has dwindled from 54 in 2010 to a mere 18 today. What remains of them rarely bucks--and are barely heard from--the left-liberal leadership of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. …

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