Magazine article Guitar Player


Magazine article Guitar Player


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Date: June 24, 1980

Project: Recording date--poetry reading

Leaders: Tommy Tedesco and Shelley Manne

Hours worked: 6 1/2

Wages earned: $640.32

Instruments played: Yamaha SG2000 electric, Ramirez classical Martin mandolin. Coral Electric Sitar

Electronic devices used: Electro-Harmonix Micro-Synthesizer and Small Stone phaser, Goodrich volume pedal

HYPOTHETICAL CASE in the 1930s: A young guitarist named Django Reinhardt hears a violin player by the name of Stephane Grappelli in a small Paris coffeehouse. Django asks. "Hey man, do you want to start a group?" The result: a gig for Django.

Hypothetical case in the 1940s: Guitarist Chuck Wayne, after listening to the George Shearing band, comments to the leader, "I think you should add a guitar to your ensemble. It might sound good playing unison lines with vibes and piano." The result: a gig for Chuck Wayne.

Hypothetical case in the 1950s: Someone says to Elvis Presley. "I think if you played guitar while you sang, you might get more work.'" The result: international acclaim.

Actual case in the 1980s: Shelley Manne. while talking to Tommy Tedesco. says, "I'm doing an album for actor William Conrad where he's reciting poetry and I play percussion." Tommy asks. "Why don't you talk with Bill to see if he'd like to do an album with percussion and guitar. We could probably get a lot of different effects for him."The result: Bill Conrad liked the idea, and Tedesco created a job for himself.

Well readers. you've just read what has to be the longest intro that I've ever used for one of my articles. But don't give up. because there's room for more to come.

This date turned out to be tough, but it was also enjoyable, allowing me to be quite creative. While Bill Conrad recited 26 poems written by James Kavanaugh. Shelley and I had to dig into our respective bags of tricks because there was no written-out music to guide us. I modified my two Spanish licks, my one jazz fill, one-half of a rock and roll run, and parts of my Middle-Eastern style to play differently on each poem. …

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