Magazine article Anglican Journal

'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'

Magazine article Anglican Journal

'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'

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"Shocked and saddened" is an understated response to the provincial House of Bishops' arbitrary decision regarding of the Rev. Jake Worley, the duly-elected bishop of Caledonia (Caledonia accepts ruling, Sept. 2017, p. 1).

Worley's sin was to oppose liberal orthodoxy in another province of the Anglican Communion. The bishops object to the idea that "a priest of one church of the Anglican Communion [should] exercise priestly ministry in the geographical jurisdiction of a second church... without the permission of the Ecclesiastical Authority of that second church."

One can only wonder if the bishops would take such a draconian position against a priest who had blessed same-sex unions in violation of canon law.

After voicing his conscientious objection to U.S. Episcopalian dogma, Worley made an attempt at reconciliation with the Anglican Communion, only to be rejected for mean-spirited political reasons.

This shows a surprising degree of hypocrisy from a church that promotes "good disagreement," where "no one is made to feel their position is of no value. No one feels belittled, walked over or pushed out." Actions speak louder than words.

Christ's message is one of humility, tolerance and forgiveness. Sadly, the Anglican Church of Canada has dismissed these values to make way for ideological conformity.

Jeremy Maddock


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