Magazine article Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing

How to Manage Turnover

Magazine article Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing

How to Manage Turnover

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When a prominent attorney gives notice that he or she will be leaving your firm--often with others in tow--the announcement can easily send your organization into a tailspin. Quickly take control of the situation to minimize confusion for clients and staff. Acting swiftly to communicate the upcoming departure will help solidify the firm's relationship with clients that might be in jeopardy of following the departing lawyer.

* Provide Proper Notification

Notify all active clients represented by the lawyer that he or she will be leaving the firm. Whenever possible, this communication should be sent from the firm and the lawyer jointly. Confirm the clients' right to select counsel--whether they choose the departing lawyer, your firm or a new firm entirely.

* Know Key Clients

Identify the top clients serviced by the departing attorney that the firm hopes to retain. Pinpoint who within the firm has the best relationship with those clients and designate them to be the new client contact. Understand what work is being done for those clients and the status of that work.

* Begin Outreach

Help designated firm attorneys reach out to clients promptly using the communication methods the clients prefer (phone, email, in-person, etc.). Encourage the attorneys to set up a formal meeting with each client to discuss continued relationship.

* Present a Plan

Attorneys should tell clients how much the firm appreciates their business and disclose the plan for moving forward based on the client's specific needs. …

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