Magazine article Word Ways

A Body in the Restaurant: Three Palindrome Puzzles

Magazine article Word Ways

A Body in the Restaurant: Three Palindrome Puzzles

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"Detective Katz? This is Captain Ramsey speaking. You are desperately needed! We have a body in a restaurant and three eyewitnesses who saw everything that happened. The case has one highly unusual feature though. The patrons of this restaurant only speak in ciphered palindromes! You're our only hope, Stacy!"

"Yes, Mark, I can help. I'm lunching at the Diogenes though, so just forward the eyewitness statements to me here and I'll solve your case before my dessert arrives."

"What a relief! I'm forwarding them as we speak. Eyewitness statement #1 describes what happened. We have reason to believe the witness is a fan of acrostics. Eyewitness #2 seems to be trying to tell us what action we should take. This witness's extra-palindromic interests include Francis Bacon, writing that uses the prisoner's constraint, and homophones. Eyewitness #3 tells us who did it. The witness authored a book on Trithemius and is known to have a fascination with tri-numeral alphabets and syllables."

"Ah yes, I see. Don't worry, Mark, this case will be a cinch to solve."

Here are the eyewitness statements Captain Ramsey sent to Ace Logophile Detective Katz. Can you puzzle out their meaning?

Statement #1: What happened? Clues: witness likes acrostics

Spasm saps! (Snafu, fans) Deli, riled: Salad?! Alas, Knife, fink! Stir! It's ...

Statement #2: What action should we take? Clues: witness likes Bacon, prisoner's constraint and homophones

Devil's Eton notes lived.

Statement #3: Who did it? Clues: witness likes Trithemius, tri-numeral alphabets and syllables

Cain: a maniac! …

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