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Magazine article The American Conservative


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Sex Without Desire

As it turns out, our previous system of relative monogamy was an elegantly-evolved solution to an age-old problem. The sexual revolution re-primitivized the sexual marketplace, and now you get what we have here. The amusing part is that all of this change was driven by women--liberation!--and now all the journalism surrounding the phenomenon is reported from the perspective of dissatisfied women--poor noble sufferers! Who could have predicted such an outcome?


Foote's Flag

There is nothing noble about the Confederate Stars and Bars because that flag was created to symbolize a nation based on slavery and represented the slave powers' fight to preserve and expand a brutal institution enforced through violence. "That the soldiers were not much concerned about slavery on either side" completely misses the salient point that the governments for whom these soldiers fought were clear-eyed about the war's casus belli, which is set forth with depressing clarity in secession documents.

The Stars and Bars should be an embarrassing reminder to all Americans that this country dedicated to freedom once enslaved four million black people and that a bloody civil war was necessary to end this monstrous form of exploitation. The fact that we are still arguing about the meaning of a Confederate battle flag, which later morphed into a battle standard of white supremacy, is astounding.

As for the Confederate statues dotting the land, they were mass produced in Northern factories so they do not qualify as "works of art. …

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