ITI Supports Open Discussion of National Standards Policy

Article excerpt

At a public forum dedicated to a discussion of U.S. standards policy, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) presented its recommendations to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in a white paper titled Considering a U.S. National Standards Strategy: Building on a Framework for Success.

Rhett Dawson, ITI president, said: "ITI's members have a long history of leadership in the standards community, and ITI is fully supportive of the dialogue on national standards policy being facilitated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The U.S. standards system already is extremely successful in meeting the needs of both the public and private sectors. This national dialogue should focus on ways to make a good system even better, and we should not turn our backs to the diversity and decentralization that have made the U.S. system market-driven and highly successful."

ITI's position statement lays out four principles and priorities for the national standards discussion:

* Maintaining the U.S. standards system's great strengths in private sector leadership and responsiveness to market forces

* Strengthening the dissemination of information in the decentralized U. …


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