Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Spin Control

Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Spin Control

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British DJ Mixmaster Morris wants "to put the feminine back into electronic music"

It's Tomorrow Already

* The Irresistible Force (Mixmaster Morris)

* Ninja Tune

"In my mind," says electronic musician and DJ Mixmaster Morris," ambient music and New Age can't be confused with one another. Ambient is extremely interesting, and New Age is boring."

Few techno fans would argue. Although his name is not known in America beyond underground electronica circles, this 36-year-old Brit has made a lasting impression on the English musical map with an iconoclasm that recalls another queer rebel who challenged conventional ideas about music and noise, composer John Cage.

"The man was making music with turntables in 1947," Morris says of Cage, whose voice is sampled in It's Tomorrow Already, the latest CD released under Morris's recording moniker, the Irresistible Force.

Mixmaster Morris pioneered the chill-out room, a conversation-friendly area where beat-weary club goers can retreat into a world of quieter sounds. By championing electronic experimentation that isn't dance-driven, Morris has paved the way for trip-hop, lounge, club pop, and other cutting-edge styles.

"I tried to create something that was antiheterosexual and alternative and gentle," he reflects. "I used to do these parties with chill-out music until midnight, then dance music, then chill-out music for breakfast so everyone would meet each other, dance with each other, eat together, and then have everybody's phone numbers. …

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