BIOSIS, CABI Publishing Unveil BioBridge to Entomology

Article excerpt

BIOSIS and CABI Publishing, two life-science database publishers, have teamed to provide an international entomology information service on the Web. Called BioBridge to Entomology, the new service will combine both pure and applied entomology and other arthropod information. It is expected to be available this month.

In June 1998, BIOSIS and CABI Publishing had announced a strategic alliance to provide life-science information over the Web. BioBridge to Entomology is the first joint resource to result from the alliance, and the database will be derived from three existing databases: BIOSIS Preview, CAB ABSTRACTS, and Zoological Record. The combined database will retain the original features of the contributing resources, but will allow cross-database searching in an easy and user-friendly manner. Term mapping and duplicate record identification will add to the searchability and usability of the combined database. Almost 200,000 references will be included in BioBridge to Entomology, dating from 1995 to the present, and the database will be updated on a monthly basis.

The database will cover pure and applied information relating to arthropods, including insects, arachnids, and crustaceans, and encompassing their natural biology as well as medical, veterinary, aquaculture, and agricultural topics. …


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