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If Mount Everest had been any higher, how much longer would it have been before there was a successful summit and what would be the highest altitude that could be climbed today, given the same progress in technology and climbing technique?

Stephen Murray, Sunderland

Mount Everest stands a staggering 8,848 metres above sea level, at the roof of the world. If the theory of all the continents being connected at one point is true, then the mountain is actually still growing. Only a couple of centimetres a year, but in time this will test man to the limit. India has been ramming into Asia for millions of years and the process is still going on, giving Everest its height. Man has made many attempts to reach the summit with only a few actually making it.

Watching the television documentary about the actor Brian Blessed's attempts to summit the mountain, we saw that only the fittest can survive. Technology does not provide man with enough air, as the weight is too much for the muscles to take with limited oxygen intake. With oxygen, man can do anything. Only time will tell how much man can take, and with Everest still growing, we may not long to wait.

David Lewis, Nash, Buckinghamshire


Does the saying "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight, Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" hold any weight? Gemma Sherrett, sent in by e-mail Gemma wins this month's globe

Why are rainbows always semi-circular in shape and why do we sometimes get a double rainbow? Christopher Hill Brigg, Lincolnshire

Where exactly did the North West Passage turn out to be? Who finally found it? Geoff Elkin Stafford


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