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Americans Say `Yes' to Infrastructure Spending

Magazine article Nation's Cities Weekly

Americans Say `Yes' to Infrastructure Spending

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Poll Says People Willing to Pay More for Better Roads, Schools

Americans want more federal funding for better roads, schools and water, and are willing to pay for it out of their own pockets, according to a nationwide poll released last week.

The survey, sponsored by the Rebuild America Coalition and announced by Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell, chairman of the group, represents a cross-section of America--Democrats, Republicans, city dwellers and suburbanites.

"This survey comes at a critical time for the nation," said Rendell. "It supports what the Rebuild America Coalition has been saying all along: that more federal support will be necessary to maintain and support the nation's infrastructure. The American people, outside the beltway, support government spending on infrastructure, regardless of party affiliation."

The survey, conducted by pollster Frank Luntz of the Luntz Research Companies, found that the quality of infrastructure is important to people--so important that Americans support a 1% tax increase for infrastructure-related projects.

Sixty-nine percent say they're willing to pay 1% more in taxes to have smooth, pot-hole free roads; 70 percent will pay to have modern schools with basic computer wiring; and 74% support the increase to be guaranteed a safe, efficient sewage and water treatment system.

"There is no partisanship to it," Luntz said. "Americans feel the same across the board ... regardless of where they're from, they're prepared to spend the money--their own money--on infrastructure. …

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