Magazine article Marketing

CWC Drive Makes an Impact

Magazine article Marketing

CWC Drive Makes an Impact

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Cable & Wireless Communications is putting pressure on BT from all directions, partly through cost-effective TV ads.

Cable & Wireless Communications has crept up on BT in the advertising stakes, with an entry in this week's Adwatch that confirms the success of its current [pounds]1.5m campaign, launched in June.

The company is delighted with the response to a campaign which is bringing in 100,000 sales enquiries per month, and at a cost that might seem like small change to its giant rival, which is habitually near the top of the recall ratings.

It's pleasing too for advertising agency Rapier, which spearheaded the media launch of CWC last September and has since been running a series of direct-response television commercials to win customers.

"It's marvellous to get such high awareness with that sort of spend," says account director Sarah Collier.

Preferences that emerged from a dialogue with the public matured into three selling points on price and savings. These are now being put across with vignettes acted out against the familiar wash of brilliant yellow.

In one, a young woman playing chess on the phone ponders her next move, and with a price cap of 50p on national weekend calls she can take all the time she needs.

The 100 free minutes of local evening calls encourages inveterate gossips, like the caller who rambles on happily about his mum, the Lottery, ecology, his mates - "I've got this friend, right, you just can't shut him up" - before being reminded he only rang to order a pizza.

And a Japanese couple, mostly baffled by British complexities, appreciate the straightforward pledge of savings on their phone bill or a refund of double the difference.

These selling gambits emerged from a questionnaire sent to 1.5 million homes at the company's launch last summer. An unprecedented 22% response rate, more than double the norm, suggested that the willingness to sound out the public had struck a chord. …

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