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The Bloke Is the Latest Specimen in the Male Order

Magazine article Marketing

The Bloke Is the Latest Specimen in the Male Order

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One of the cultural phenomena to attract media attention over the past few years - the rise of the Lad - may now be over. New research conducted by CKBT into the men's magazines market suggests that as men become more self-aware, a new breed of young male is emerging into the spotlight: the Bloke.

The Bloke can be seen as the reaction to two extreme views which arose during the 90s about what men should be. At the start of the decade, there was much debate about the changing role of men, leading to the rise of the 'New Man'.

Caring, sharing and in touch with his feelings, New Man was a living apology for past male failings, and the masculine ideal for a new, politically correct millennium. However, the media promotion of this new masculine ideal quickly provoked a counter reaction amongst a younger generation who failed to see why they should apologise for being men. The Lad was born.

A potent antidote to the earnest sensitivity and PC excesses of New Man, the Lad was solely interested in having fun. Obsessed with beer and babes, he revelled in misbehaving, and above all enjoyed being a man.

The birth of the Lad, and the rise of Loaded, the Lad's Bible, has had a powerful influence on the media as a whole, with a wide range of men's magazines, TV programmes and advertising campaigns fuelled by 'Lad attitude'. Would Ben Sherman have acknowledged their skinhead roots before the rise of the Lad?

However, the reign of the Lad may be coming to an end. …

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