Magazine article USA TODAY

The Warrior in Everyday Life

Magazine article USA TODAY

The Warrior in Everyday Life

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The traits of a warrior can help us to attain our desired outcomes not only in a self-defense or survival scenario--they are the characteristics we must exemplify in order to achieve any goal in life. As a warrior, you must be able to formulate a sort of mental discipline that enables you to face any challenge with grace and strength.

* Patience is of paramount importance in your home life. If you have children, they require a tremendous amount of patience on your part as they learn and grow up. Dealing with your spouse and the stresses of running a home can be taxing on your relationship. Having the ability to be patient and understanding about your family's needs is vitally important.

* Control is essential when life's stresses begin to overwhelm you. You may not always be in control of every situation, but you can--and should--be in control of yourself. Self-control is a characteristic that must be practiced, and having a strong mind makes it easier.

* Harmony only is possible when things in your life are in balance. In order to maintain harmony in your relationships, you must make every effort to ensure that everyone's needs are met--including your own.

* Respect is something we all strive for and, in our jobs, it is important that we respect our boss and our coworkers. It also is important that we are respected by our boss and those we work with. Being respected sets you up for success at your place of employment because it means that others value your contribution. This can, of course lead to promotions and higher income.

* Innovation comes from our ability to think outside the box. When we have a strong mind and a confident demeanor, good things happen to us and to those around us. Innovation allows us to explore new ideas. When we can communicate effectively to our coworkers the innovative ideas we have, it usually leads to greater success for the company as a whole. …

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