Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

Attention Deficit Disorder

Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

Attention Deficit Disorder

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BEYOND RITALIN STEPHEN W. GARBER, PH.D., MARIANNE DANIELS GARBER, PH.D., ROBYN FREEDMAN SPIZMAN Facts about medication and other strategies for helping children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD.

HC100AD $13.00

PUTTING ON THE BRAKES Young People's Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder PATRICIA O. QUINN, MD, JUDITH M. STERN, M.A. Designed to be used with young people between the ages of 8 to 13. When read together with their parents, can open an ongoing discussion that will provide information and reassurance. Efforts have been made to explain unfamiliar or difficult words.

AP120AD $9.95

TAKING CHARGE OF ADHD The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents RUSSELL A. BARKLEY, PHD Pioneering research providing new insight into preventing ADHD from becoming a major obstacle in a child's and parent's life. Step-by-step ways to manage a child in everyday situations. Latest information on medications enhancing school performance and more.

GL030AD $17.95

THE "PUTTING ON THE BRAKES" ACTIVITY BOOK For Young People With ADHD PATRICIA O. QUINN, M.D. & JUDITH M. STERN, M.A. This book allows children to put their understanding of ADHD into action. Uses pictures, puzzles, and other techniques to assist in learning a range of those hard-to-learn skills that make everyday life just a little more manageable. Ages 8-13

AP134AD $14.95

HELP! THIS KID'S DRIVING ME CRAZY! The Young Child with Attention Deficit Disorder L. ADKINS & J. CADY Information about typical behavior characteristics; offers suggestions on how to foster the development of appropriate behavior.

PEO40AD - BOOK $5.00 PE040 - VIDEO $89.00

ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER IN ADULTS PAUL H. WENDER, M,D. The author, a pioneer in the development of instruments and diagnostic criteria for children and adults with ADHD, includes much of this comprehensive discussion of ADHD in adults, along with patients' description of their experience with stimulant medication.

OU202AD $13.95

HELP IS ON THE WAY A Child's Book About ADD MARC A. NEMIROFF, PH.D. & JANE ANNUNZIATA, PSY.D. Written from a child's point of view, for children ages 5 to 9 and their parents to help them gain an overview of ADD and its effects. Not intended as a comprehensive text or guidebook.

AP130AD $19.95

ADULTS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER Essential Information for ADD adults THOMAS W. PHELAN, PH.D. A panel of six adults-four ADD adults and two of their spouses-explore important issues they faced. Impact on mood and self-esteem, education, counseling and more. Also includes discussion of effects on work, home, marriage, parenting and social life.

CM125AD $39.95

SOMETIMES I GET ALL SCRIBBLY Living with Attention Deficit/ Hyper-activity Disorder MAUREEN BISSEN NEUVlLLE Clinical, educational and emotional information from the point of view of a parent.

PE119AD $16.00

ADHD AND THE NATURE OF SELF-CONTROL RUSSELL A. BARKLEY A radical shift of perspective on ADHD, arguing that the disorder is a developmental problem, or self-control, and that a deficit in attention is secondary and not a universal characteristic. New direction for thinking about and treating this disorder.

GL020AD $40.00


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