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ISBA Should Cease These Futile Attempts to Get Ads on the BBC

Magazine article Marketing

ISBA Should Cease These Futile Attempts to Get Ads on the BBC

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I suppose you can no more blame the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers for trying to get ads on the BBC than attack dogs for chasing sheep. There is the same level of thought and consideration in both activities, although you might think that after all these years they would have learned something.

But they have seen the flash of a sheep's leg and they just can't help themselves. They're off on the chase again.

The advertisers think, with unattractive naivete, that just because a committee has been set up to look into ways of earning extra money for the BBC there is a new opening.

The reality is an opportunity is being wasted. Their self-serving policy will be seriously considered as an obvious option and then equally rejected, just as the Peacock Committee did in the days when Margaret Thatcher was a fan of ads on the BBC.

There is the attraction of supporting an unrealistic policy which has no chance of success. It is still odd, however, that ISBA cannot see beyond the two-dimensional issue of airtime inflation. Since last they had a formal committee on the financing of the BBC to harangue, they have got TV-am and GMTV, Channel 5,vastly expanded cable and satellite, the internet and now News at Ten has been replaced by movies at nine simply to accommodate the interests of advertisers. Yet still they chant "airtime inflation".

It is almost tedious to remind these people that all you have to do to destroy the richness and variety of British broadcasting and turn it into a ratings-driven desert is to put ads on the BBC. …

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