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Magazine article Consumers' Research Magazine

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I read the January issue of CR, which had the article "Scanner Errors: Is The Price Right?" Your summary of Price Check II is correct as to the accuracy, but you did not mention the cause.

Scanners operate from a computer referred to in the trade as the "PLU," or Price Look Up. The PLU should be changed every time the shelf price is changed. This is not always done. The shelf and PLU are likely to disagree when the new prices in an advertisement is put into the PLU faster than the shelf prices are changed.

The food industry is working on a solution called the ESL, or Electronic Shelf Label. In this system, when the price is changed in the PLU, the shelf label is changed by radio wave at the same time.

This will be a greater help to the supermarket industry than for the department store, specialty store or discount stores.

In recent years, the Bureau of Weights and Standards has developed a process of insuring a "random sample" when checking a supermarket (but not for other retail outlets). …

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