Magazine article Information Today Debuts Expressroom 6, Will Relaunch SCIP Site

Magazine article Information Today Debuts Expressroom 6, Will Relaunch SCIP Site

Article excerpt debuted its Web authoring and content-management system at the Seybold Seminars Boston conference in March. Called Expressroom 6, it is targeted squarely at print publishers desiring to move titles onto the Web, and provides modules for template design, authoring, advertising management, subscription fulfillment, and e-commerce as well as content-management functions. Though this is the sixth iteration of the product, it is the first one that has decided to sell commercially. developed Expressroom internally for its own hosting services business.

This version of Expressroom relies heavily on Java 2.0 (the Java previously known as 1.2) and XML to deliver a platform-independent toolset. Site content is stored with embedded metadata in the database. HTML (or Adobe PDF or any other presentation format) is generated on-the-fly.

Some Web publishing solutions store Web pages individually, page by page. With Expressroom, content is stored in a database, separate from design parameters. When Expressroom receives a request for an article, the content is merged with the design parameters instantly. An Expressroom Web page does not exist until it is requested.

The front-end system includes separate Java-based modules for designing page templates and for posting image and text elements. The graphical interface provided is fairly typical of desktop applications, with drag and drop functionality, but its Java code base makes it easy to customize. Expressroom also is sufficiently flexible to support batch processes.

Expressroom also automates common publishing tasks, such as embargoing content, offering trial subscriptions, prompting users for lost passwords and providing e-mail alerts. The system automatically generates usage reports, including ones that track visitor demographics and the navigation paths they took through the site.

Expressroom enables writers and editors to create and update online content without programming, HTML expertise, or Web design experience. Content is simply cut from any word processor and pasted into Expressroom through standard Web browsers.

In December 1998, Worldweb. …

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