Magazine article Management Review

Is 'Knowledge Management' an Oxymoron?

Magazine article Management Review

Is 'Knowledge Management' an Oxymoron?

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Most experts and practitioners in the field agree that "knowledge management" is a misnomer.

Knowledge can't really be "managed." But rather than dwelling on the semantics, they approach the subject with a pragmatic attitude because they believe it has real substance.

The founding father of knowledge management, Karl-Erik Sveiby, acknowl-edges that it's a poor term. "It suggests that knowledge is an object that can be handled like a tangible good. It is not.

Knowledge is a human faculty," he says.

To him, the best way to change the orga-nizational culture to one that is "knowledge- focused" is through action. And since sim-ulation is the next best thing to action in real life, he has designed a simulation program, called Tango, together with a Swedish company, Celemi, to help man-agers "see" their busi-ness from a knowl-edge perspective.

T. Irene Sanders, principal of Sanders & Co., a strategic planning consulting firm in Evergreen, Colorado, says the term "knowl-edge management" is wrongly used, because it conveys the idea of control. …

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