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Tabloid-Linked Internet Access Provokes a New Circulation War

Magazine article Marketing

Tabloid-Linked Internet Access Provokes a New Circulation War

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Serious signs are at last emerging that the mainstream media are starting to develop strategies for the internet that go well beyond the reproduction of existing products in electronic form.

The most impressive are the new internet circulation wars that have broken out between The Sun's and The Mirror's ic24.

Typically, The Sun got its retaliation in first and has already streaked into the lead in terms of internet 'readers'.

Of the two, The Mirror has been, perhaps, a shade smarter in coming up with a name that is less obviously linked with the parent publication. But both papers are now in the vanguard of extending the reach of the internet in the U K. They are also in the process of creating new valuable brands which might provide some uplift to their share prices. The numbers so far are impressive. In two weeks, more than 150,000 people have asked for their ic24 free internet access discs, more than 30,000 have already registered and registrations are running at a rate of 2000 to 3000 a day. Already ic24 is one of the top five visited sites in the UK.

With every registration, The Mirror finds out valuable information about another reader, information that can be used to target both content and special offers.

The Sun has been very quiet about the progress of since its launch two months ago. The reticence is a sign that the project is going well. An estimated 300,000 free CurrantBun access discs are already out there, with the help of Asda supermarket distribution, and more than 100,000 readers have registered - twice as many as expected at this point. …

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