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Time-Warner Distributes Hate Song against Giuliani

Magazine article Insight on the News

Time-Warner Distributes Hate Song against Giuliani

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Who shot Rudy? That question fuels an inflammatory new song by a rap band called Screwball. It graphically depicts the assassination of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Forthcoming on the Time-Warner-distributed Tommy Boy label, the song begins, "A yo who shot Rudy in broad daylight for cash" Its barely punctuated lyrics continue: "I woke up this morning and heard the news flash/ They said it happened down at City Hall/He had his wife with him/Five shots from the crowd made him fall/It was chaos and pandemonium blood covered up the podium/When they announced his death wifey was stressed.... "

The song then mentions "blacks smiling ear to ear" It adds: "The devil died and nobody cried/It was real like some Jews celebrating when the pharaoh got killed...." The song ends with "niggas" celebrating by filling their glasses with booze and "smokin' blunts on the corner"

The most annoying aspect of this insult is how little outrage it has generated. Had someone recorded "Who Shot Jesse?" [Jackson] or "Who Shot Hillary?" would anyone have missed the news? Such a noxious tune would have been discussed on the evening news, debated on Nightline and dissected in column miles of editorials.

This double standard could not be more clear. Rappers chuckle about the murder of New York's white, male Republican mayor. Rather than a media frenzy, a mild murmur ensues. "Who Shot Rudy?" spawned a New York Daily News article and a brief Associated Press dispatch. MSNBC's Website also covered the song. That aside, the press has been as quiet as rap is loud.

"It's a media wipeout" says Brent Baker of the Alexandria, Va.-based Media Research Center, which monitors network and cable news programs. "There have been no stories on it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or any of the news, shows, morning or evening;' Baker acids. "Nobody here has seen it anywhere"

Meanwhile, the same White House that complains about hate speech and violent entertainment sleeps through a song aimed at the first lady's chief rival for the Senate seat she covets.

"Who Shot Rudy?" is the latest effort to disparage Giuliani and his phenomenally effective anticrime strategy. Since 1993, New York's overall crime rate has dropped 51 percent, while homicide is off 68 percent. Ranked by crimes-per-capita, Gotham is America's 166th most dangerous city, even safer than 165th-ranked West Covina, Calif. …

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