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Some Common Superstitions in the Philippines

Magazine article Heritage

Some Common Superstitions in the Philippines

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When you are with a group in picture taking and there are three of you, don't stay in the middle as something bad might happen to you, like getting sick or even dying. Position yourself in either the left or the right side of the middle person.

To prevent this bad luck happening altogether, it is always better to get other people to join the group for picture taking so there are either more or less than three in the group.

Taking a bath

Never take a bath on Good Friday to commiserate and suffer with the death of Christ, thus showing your devotion and piety. For the same reason, some parents even prohibit their children to take a bath on Fridays.

Never take a bath on the day of your birthday as it brings bad luck.

Don't sleep right away after taking a bath, with your hair is still wet, which will make you crazy.


When conceiving, the pregnant wife should not look at ugly pictures, especially people with deformities as her child might look that way. Concentrate rather on other handsome faces, for example, actors and actresses.

Full rice bin

On the eve of New Year, stock enough rice so it fills the container.

When moving to a new house for the first time, also stock up on rice and keep its container full. This way, the family is assured of a new year of plenty and no scarcity of staple rice in the new house.

Easter morning

At the pealing of the church bells on Easter Sunday morning, some parents lift their children by cupping over their two ears and lifting them up. They do this so that the children will grow taller.

Highland rice planting

Before the start of rice planting, a cross made up of native materials like bamboo and tree branches, is stuck in the center of the kaingin or forest clearing. …

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