Dow Jones Introduces Interactive Server Software 3.0

Article excerpt

Dow Jones & Company has announced that its next-generation intranet server software enables companies to easily inegrate news and information from Dow Jones Interactive into their workspaces. Using Dow Jones Interactive Server Software 3.0, managers of company intranets now have a flexible method of combining external content with their internal knowledge-without disturbing the look and feel of the space they have designed, according to the announcement. They can use the Server Software as an out-of-the-box solution to immediately integrate content, or they can apply applications designed by Dow Jones technical and content specialists to customize the presentation of global news and business information from Dow Jones Interactive.

Businesspeople can get a snapshot of important events and developments along with current stock quotes, and they can search-at once-more than 6,000 newspapers, trade publications, business magazines, and newswires from Dow Jones Interactive's Publications Library, Web sites selected by Dow Jones editors, and their respective companies' knowledge bases.

"Customers have asked us LU help make it possible for their employees to conveniently and quickly access all the critical news and business information they need in one place on their intranet," said Timothy M. Andrews. president and chief executive officer of Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive LLC. "Over the past year, we have further developed our intranet toolkit to give managers of company intranets more options when customizing content so they can continuously meet the complex business information needs of employees in their organizations."

The applications comprising the Server Software from Dow Jones support the diverse responsibilities of managers in charge of company intranets. Editorial interface options enable content managers to select the information provided and to adapt the presentation of news from Dow Jones Interactive and their companies to create uniform article viewing.

An intranet developer can modify the layout and structure of content from Dow Jones Interactive so that it integrates smoothly within the graphical and navigational configurations of his or her company s existing intranet knowledge base. …


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