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Big Al's show:

A hit! Poor Al Neuharth. Joe Strupp's article on Al's First Amendment NewsCapade, "Taking Big Al's show on the road," was subheaded "First Amendment's P.T. Barnum brings his act to points east, west, north, and south" (E&P, Aug. 14, p. 25).

Barnum is probably best-known for his statement, "There's a sucker born every minute." Barnum started in the circus business by exhibiting freaks, including a slave he claimed was 161 years old; the midget [so- called] general, Tom Thumb; and the Siamese twins, Cheng and Eng.

Al might be a fun kinda guy with a traveling show, but I don't think he has any bearded ladies helping him put the First Amendment over on visitors to that caravan of his.

Amy Alkon

syndicated columnist

"Ask the Advice Goddess"

Sorting public Ryans (out)

I want to alert you to an error in the editorial in your Aug. 7 edition. The piece was headlined, "In the Land of Lincoln, public records in chains," and offered some much-appreciated praise of the Illinois freedom-of-information project. But it also quoted Gov. GEORGE Ryan as promising quick action in response to the project; that promise actually came from Attorney General JIM Ryan.

Also, and this is a much smaller matter, my name is Wills, with an "i," rather than Wells, with an "e." Thanks for calling attention to the project in your editorial.

Chris Wills


The Associated Press

Defending friends

So, Frank Sutherland, editor of the Nashville Tennessean, was foolish enough to appear in a campaign video on Vice President Al Gore's early career, eh? (E&P, Aug. 14, p. 13.)

Not being a fan of Gore's, much less the entire Clinton administration, it would be very easy to criticize Sutherland for reinforcing a long- standing criticism by conservatives that the "liberal media" is far too cozy with Gore, and cuts him much slack that was never afforded former Veep Dan Quayle.

But, so what? Where does it say Frank Sutherland can't be friends with Al Gore, and speak on behalf of his friend? Does the editor of a newspaper sacrifice his First Amendment rights in the interest of, what's that word, "balance?" Or is it "objectivity?"

Is he supposed to sacrifice friendship, loyalty, or the honesty to acknowledge the same? …

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