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NeoSoft Authoring Tool Allows Inexperienced Users to Create Multimedia Presentations

Magazine article Information Today

NeoSoft Authoring Tool Allows Inexperienced Users to Create Multimedia Presentations

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NeoSoft Corp. has announced the release of NeoBook Professional for 32-bit Windows. According to the company, it is a flexible authoring tool that allows even inexperienced users to quickly create interactive software programs such as electronic books, presentations, disk-based brochures or greeting cards, electronic portfolios and resumes, educational courseware, reference guides, catalogs, Web content, computer-based training materials, electronic magazines, games, sales tracts, and many other types of applications.

To produce an electronic publication in NeoBook Professional, the user creates publication screens by dropping text, images, and other elements onto a blank screen "page." Text, graphics, animation, and audio files are easily imported into the program, and favorite editing applications can be linked to make changes to imported elements. Tools are included to add rules, decorative fonts, control buttons, hot spots, text-entry fields, multiple-choice radio buttons, check boxes, animated sprites, additional screen pages, and other elements. Once the interface is complete, the publication can be compiled to produce a stand-alone executable program that may be distributed royalty-free.

NeoBook's authoring environment includes:

* The ability to create 32-bit Windows applications for Windows 95/NT

* An enhanced scripting language with conditional statements, variables, file input/output, math, looping, and other commands

* Hypertext links and targets that may be inserted into scrolling text fields

* Expanded file support

* The ability to create and play animated cartoon files

* InternetLink commands, which, among other things, can be used to link a publication to Web sites, launch the user's e-mail app to a specific site, and download a file

* Functions for computer-based training and scoring

* The ability to automatically create custom installation programs for titles created in NeoBook

* New check boxes, radio buttons, and text-entry fields

* Command lines up to 32 K per control button

* Special transition effects between pages

* Screen pages that can be assigned their own color palettes when in 256-color mode

* Timed slide-show-type presentations that can be created internally

* Preview and debugging functions to help produce error-free programs

* An integrated spellchecker

* Functions to list and archive source files for publications

* Flexible font-handling options and end-user access controls for compiled publications

* The ability to create publications in foreign languages

* Master page controls

NeoBook Professional has a suggested list price of $199. …

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