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Flurry of Publishing Product Announcements from INSO

Magazine article Information Today

Flurry of Publishing Product Announcements from INSO

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Inso Corporation has announced Version 2.0 of the DynaBase Dynamic Web Publishing System, a comprehensive, fully integrated solution for professional Web publishing. DynaBase 2.0, a key component of Inso's dynamic publishing solutions product family, combines sophisticated content development and management capabilities with a powerful dynamic serving environment. Designed for use by distributed workgroups in both commercial and corporate Web publishing environments, DynaBase brings control, extensibility, and automation to Web managers and their teams, according to the company.

DynaBase 2.0 includes significant performance enhancements that address the complexities of constructing dynamic Web pages on-the-fly from a variety of data types and sources, subsequently delivering Web content through Netscape and Microsoft Web servers to multiple Web browsers simultaneously. DynaBase 2.0 also includes a new multithreaded client that includes a new user interface for simplifying the creation, management, and development of Web content and scripts. Also added are new HTML document types that support Microsoft's and Netscape's latest tag sets, as well as link verification capabilities and an enhanced link diagram.

"The task of managing large, complex Web sites within commercial publishing or corporate environments is growing more demanding every day," said Graham Marshall, vice president and general manager, Inso Providence. "Unlike traditional publishing processes that have a definitive end, Web publishing involves the ongoing management of thousands of interrelated files that change constantly. This permanent state of flux vastly complicates both Web site development and the Web publishing process. With DynaBase 2.0, Inso provides serious Web publishers with a comprehensive, scaleable Web publishing solution that not only overcomes today's technological challenges, but also has the flexibility to change in response to future developments."

Inso Corporation has also announced Version 3 of its award-winning DynaWeb server software, a key component of the company's dynamic publishing solutions product family. DynaWeb enables corporate and commercial publishers to effectively deliver large, business-critical documents via the Internet/intranets to any Web browser worldwide.

DynaWeb is the Web server component of the DynaText Professional Publishing System, a leading standards-based electronic publishing system. DynaText provides publishers with a single, automated production process for the creation and delivery of highly navigable and searchable electronic documents on the Web, CD-ROM, and LANs.

DynaWeb converts Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)-based DynaText electronic books into HyperText Markup Language (HTML) on-the-fly for efficient viewing, navigation, and searching by browsers. DynaWeb's new "client-aware" technology detects the Web browser as it requests information and optimizes content for the proprietary extensions of browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. DynaWeb is available as a Netscape server plug-in or as a standalone Web server.

With the addition of new style sheets, DynaWeb fully supports eXtensible Markup Language (XML), a pending Internet standard designed to improve upon the limited capabilities of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) yet remain less complex than SGML. …

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