Primary Source Media Unveils Civil Rights CD-ROM

Article excerpt

Primary Source Media, part of the Gale Group, has announced the release of Civil Rights in the United States, a CD-ROM that offers students insights into the origins and current state of American civil rights. The title is the 13th CD-ROM in the critically acclaimed historical research series, American Journey: History in Your Hands. The online version of the title was expected to be published at the end of September.

Like previous American Journey titles, Civil Rights in the United States features a wealth of rare primary source materials organized around thematic essays, according to the company. Hyperlinks, timelines, maps, picture albums, content lists, and flexible full-text searches facilitate access to hundreds of documents and images.

"Civil Rights in the United States provides students, librarians, and educators with unique materials to trace the development of the world we live in today," said David Lucas, president and CEO of Primary Source Media. "This outstanding collection of primary records encourages student inquiry into the complex issues and emotions surrounding this subject and gives students a broader understanding of the origins and current state of American civil rights."

The CD offers a panoramic view of the history of civil rights in America. Primary source materials provide insights into a variety of rights, focusing on such topics as free speech, freedom of the press, secrecy and obscenity laws, the freedom of association, freedom of religion and the separation of church and state, right to privacy, the rights of the accused and convicted, the right to vote, and equal rights for African Americans, women, Native Americans, and immigrants. …


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