Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

The Boy Who Could Not Speak

Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

The Boy Who Could Not Speak

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My brother Alex and I used to roll around on the ground for hours while I tickled him. We had so much fun. As we got older, I realized that Alex was different from other kids. It never changed my love for him, but we could not share in things as much as we used to. Because of his autism, Alex cannot speak. Nor can he understand many words that are said.

To us, this slender-built, fair-skinned boy is full of mystery--especially what goes on in his mind. The only way that we know what he wants is by the faces he makes and the way that he acts. Sometimes when he is hungry, he will make the sign for food. It is sometimes very difficult to tell what is wrong with him when he is ill because of his silence.

Alex has been very joyful for most of his life. He is hardly ever unhappy and he is frequently "wild". He runs through stores and busy buildings with a silent grace, passing through anything that is in his way to get to what he is after. Usually he is after waffle blocks and magazines.

Though Alex is unable to speak, he is able to tell us things in other ways. His autism has shown me how to love. In a way, autism could help the world to be rid of hatred and anger.

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