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Magazine article Management Today

Brain Food

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Matters for the mind to chew on

Ten ways to... manage people

1 Know what you need to achieve yourself

2 Establish mutual expectations from the start

3 Monitor working relationships while they work

4 Don't take people for granted - thank them now

5 Manage in context - understand all sides

6 Discover the facts through proactive listening

7 Acknowledge people's feelings - they affect work

8 Ask for solutions from those with problems

9 Go for lunch - you can't bond with a sandwich

10 Stay calm and keep smiling - it's only work

Guy Browning

It just might work Just aikido it

Managers needn't be macho militants to exploit Japanese martial arts. Tackle tough problems with 'aikido'. Use 'deliberate, slow, attentive movements, neither rising up to clash with resistance, nor giving in to it', but using changes around you 'as a source of power'. Start training with the phone: delay answering, using the interval 'to practise breathing your awareness to your centre'. Thus equipped, when Wall Street crashed in 1987, one CEO 'absorbed' the day's $20-$30 million in personal losses and launched three takeovers. Cellular One's Jeff Dooley and Chris Thorsen tell how their managers in San Francisco, inspired by that CEO's example, built an entire cellular network in half the previous record time. Drenched in 'mindfulness', the team piggybacked their expansion onto that of a key competitor. Crafty, those martial artists.

Tomorrow's jobs

Relationship technologist

Name Sarah Woods

Company NCR

Age 28

Time in job Two years

Previous job Senior designer, Philips Research

What does it involve? I look at products and technologies and try to bring a human element into them. So, for example, I'll look at fashions and trends and how to apply them to technologies to make them more friendly and intuitive. It's all about how people 'interface' with technology. I've recently been working on digital wallets, which were very impersonal lumps of plastic. We've been trying to make them something nice and tactile that people are comfortable with by integrating the technology into familiar shapes like credit cards.

How did you get the job? I did a Masters in computer-aided design, then I worked in the US, then for Philips before hearing about this job.

Best points? We have a great deal of freedom to explore new technologies.

Worst points? As there are often no real reference points for what we are designing, it can be very difficult to construct prototypes and the technologies involved can get very complex.

Salary scale: [pounds]30,000-[pounds]35,000

Global business

The 200 richest people in the world from Le Nouvel Economiste

As might be expected, this year's list of the world's wealthiest 200 includes a fair few Americans and numerous fortunes built on IT. The five richest men in the world - Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer and Philip Anschutz - are all American. Two are Microsoft employees. In the past year, the fortunes of the world's wealthiest 200 have grown at an unprecedented rate. Otherwise unknown internet companies have become formidable gold mines in no time at all. The best example of this is Jay Walker, who founded only a year ago. The company is now worth $10.2 billion. It is no surprise then that these new internet stars are so prominent in this year's list. Sceptics, of course, believe that the fortunes could vanish as quickly as they appeared.

Earning curve Alcohol

Anheuser Busch family fortune [pounds]1.2 billion

Guinness family fortune [pounds]680 million

S&N boss Brian Stewart [pounds]597,000 a year

Off-licence wine buyer [pounds]40,000

Whisky distillery manager [pounds]35,000

Sommelier in a top London restaurant [pounds]35,000

Whitbread pub manager [pounds]20,000-[pounds]40,000

Australian grape pickers [pounds]20 a day

Burton beermat production-line worker [pounds]8 an hour

AA group leader [pounds]0

'It is wise to remember that you are one of those who can be fooled some of the time'

Laurence J Peter said it

Speaking out

Dominic Hobson


Authors, of course, cannot speak effectively. …

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