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JournalismNet Trolls Web for You: A Catchall Site When Fishing for a Story

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

JournalismNet Trolls Web for You: A Catchall Site When Fishing for a Story

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So, you've assembled quite a collection of databases and utilities in your electronic tool belt, but do you really have a home online? Is there a preferred gateway through which all Net-savvy reporters and editors ought to be passing on their way each day to the wilds of the Web?

Julian Sher, a Canadian investigative reporter, couldn't find one, so he created his own, and now he is inviting the rest of us to join him in his journalist-friendly corner of cyberspace. JournalismNet is intended as a working journalist's guide to the resources of the Web.

It provides more than 3,000 links to hundreds of different Web sites to help reporters and editors find useful information quickly. His links range from sites that help you find the online extensions of newspapers and broadcasters to tools for covering assorted beats and researching specific stories.

To get started, visit the site at, where the introductory page provides icons at the top of the screen for its key sections:

* Find Papers. Click here to search for electronic newspapers. The page also has links to tips for using online archives, tailoring personal news services through the Net, and tracking breaking news.

* Find tv. Here are links to tv broadcasts that can be viewed online through the RealPlayer software's steaming video technology. The site groups the broadcasters in terms of geography (United States, Canada, international, etc.) and provides tips for finding more.

* Find Radio. More than 3,000 radio stations now are online with live broadcasts via the Web. This page links to key stations and offers tips for finding broadcasters around the world, as well as connections for the newest broadcast phenomenon, cyber-radio, that is, stations that exist only in cyberspace.

* Search for News. Here is Sher's personal collection of favorite news search engines, including those focused on specific regions. Here, too, are links to electronic clipping services, operated by the likes of Reuters, the bbc, and Carlson's Online Canadian Headlines.

* Alternative News. Think the mainstream media may be missing the story you're seeking? Check out this page for links to the press that concentrates on human rights, racism, Third World struggles, media criticism, and alternative politics. …

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