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Yes, They Still Do Windows

When Dow Jones Interactive tried to wean information professionals off the proprietary DJI software and onto the DJI-Web interface at, the info pros replied, "But we like the fast response time of the software!" After some deliberation, DJI reconsidered and, early this year, announced that they would not only continue to support the DJI-Windows software, but upgrade it, too. Though delayed several months, the new DJI-Windows software was finally rolled out this summer.

The most significant change to the new DJI-Windows software is the shift to TCP/IP connectivity. You can no longer use a packet-switched network to connect to Dow Jones. In this sense, DJI has already migrated us all to the Net. And while searching the Publications Library is done through the DJI-Windows software, if you select any of the other areas within DJI, you are dropped into your browser and the usual DJI-Web interface. If you are accustomed to managing your CustomClips folders directly on your desktop, you will have to adjust to using the Web version instead. One of the advantages of this is that you gain the ability to toggle between searching in the Publications Library (in DJI-Windows) and then setting up a CustomClips folder, looking up past stock performance, or pulling Investext reports through the DJI-Web interface. In fact, if you really want to multitask, you can conduct one Publications Library search on DJI-Windows and simultaneously search the Publications Library through the Web. Whew!

The other addition to the DJI software functionality is the ability to save search results and recall them later. Not only is the search re-executed, but it tracks the date on which the search was originally run and limits the results to the same date range. That means that the item numbering remains the same, even though articles may have been added to the database since the original search was run.

During the spring of 1999, DJI introduced the option of email delivery of search results through the DJI-Web interface. Although not a standard feature of DJI-Windows, email delivery is an item that can be negotiated with your DJI account rep. If you like having it on DJI-Web, ask for it on DJI-Windows.

Many of the changes between the old software and DJI-Windows are obvious from the Main Menu, shown in Figure 1.

A few of the feature buttons have been renamed, and features have been added and removed. The Career & Travel feature has been discontinued, and Web Center--Dow Jones' business-oriented Web catalog--has been added. Although it isn't clear from the main menu, DJI's Ask Dow Jones feature is also available through the Help menu. (See the box for a breakdown of old and new software features.)

If you click on any button except Publications Library, your browser is opened up (Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape 4.5 are supported), and, if you haven't stored them for automatic log-on, you will be prompted for your ID and password. Once you have logged on, you will be dropped into whatever area of DJI you selected on DJI-Windows; that is, if you had clicked on Web Center, for example, you will be taken directly to the Web Center on You use the same ID for both DJI-Windows and DJI-Web; no more separate accounts as in the past.


DJI has acknowledged that the main purpose of DJI-Windows is to accommodate the special needs of information professionals, who primarily search the Publications Library. Much of the PubLib interface hasn't changed from the Version 7 software to DJI-Windows. You can still set more preferences than are available on DJI-Web, including options to:

* Automatically save your search statement (enabling you to scroll back through prior search statements)

* Change the number of words displayed on either side of a KWIC display

* Set up a custom header on your local printer (enabling you to customize your printouts, e. …

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