Magazine article USA TODAY

Memories Are Made of This

Magazine article USA TODAY

Memories Are Made of This

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For anyone who has ever walked into a room and forgotten why, spent 15 minutes searching for the car keys, or thought, "My memory used to be so much better," help may be on the way. Delys Sargeant, an advisor on aging and health, and Anne Unkenstein, a clinical neurologist specializing in memory loss, authors of Remembering Well: How Memory Works and What to Do When It Doesn't, offer 10 tips for a better memory:

1. Learn about the expected memory changes --like an increase in how long it takes to recall some things--that accompany normal aging.

2. Get healthy. Address medical concerns such as chronic pain, depression, illness, and menopause that can adversely affect memory.

3. Stay fit by eating well, making time for daily exercise, and reducing alcohol intake.

4. Participate in activities that help you feel positive about your abilities. Take a class; read a book; meet new people; plant a garden.

5. Focus on the task at hand. This will help minimize distractions that can lead to faulty recall. …

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