Magazine article Modern Trader

Afraid to Pull the Trigger? You Should Be. Here's Why:

Magazine article Modern Trader

Afraid to Pull the Trigger? You Should Be. Here's Why:

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"Today's globally interconnected financial markets have drastically changed the trading landscape. Yet, it is shocking how many traders still analyze each market by itself, as if it exists in a vacuum unaffected by related markets. By ignoring intermarket analysis, in my opinion many traders have become paralyzed and are, too often, unable to pull the trigger."

Louis Mendelsohn

Louis Mendelsohn, the pioneer of System Testing in trading software, speaks out about today's global markets.

Don't be one of the losers

Today it's not uncommon, in our opinion, for markets to move abruptly in the direction opposite from what traditional single-market approaches indicate is likely to happen.

"I've always found Lou Mendelsohn to be a person of the highest integrity and his work to be always of the highest quality."

John Murphy

Author and Technical Analyst

That's due to intermarket forces at work. Now there's a solution to this dilemma. It's an intermarket analysis software program called VantagePoint, which can be used alone or in conjunction with indicators that you are already using successfully.

VantagePoint was developed by Louis Mendelsohn, who first gained notoriety in 1983 when he pioneered system testing and optimization in microcomputer trading software. Now, fifteen years later system testing is the backbone of computerized technical analysis.

"At first I was skeptical. After some research I was amazed, VantagePoint is easy to use and it works. As a small trader I wouldn't be trading the bonds and currencies without it."

Craig Wagner.

Individual Trader

Yet Mr. Mendelsohn did not stop there! With more than a decade of R&D into intermarket analysis, and VantagePoint already in its seventh year of commercial use, we believe Mr. Mendelsohn is once again on the brink of redefining technical analysis.

VantagePoint can dramatically impact your trading

VantagePoint is a snap to use. …

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