Magazine article Marketing

For a Top-Notch Marketing Team, See Jesus & Co

Magazine article Marketing

For a Top-Notch Marketing Team, See Jesus & Co

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As we approach the millennium, the issue has been raised again: why has Christianity not made more use of professional marketing?

After all, we market practically everything else -- political parties, even countries. Why not our established faith? But the response has always been intense, sincere indignation from within and without the Church, as if religion could not touch a marketing pitch and not be defiled.

Yet with all possible respect, was Jesus not a master marketer? Was his whole mission not to lead the Jews into a better understanding of their true spiritual needs, and to show them how to fulfil those needs? Was the Sermon on the Mount not a brilliant marketing presentation, using communication skills of the highest order?

And what were the Apostles if not a marketing team? They had clearly defined objectives -- to create awareness, to persuade, to achieve conviction and conversion. They even had a Marketing Council (they called it the Nazorean Council), with James the Just as its first chairman, and Peter as his vice-chairman.

The sales and marketing director was Paul of Tarsus, who led the sales force in person and, if his journey plan got extended, wrote to the branch offices to remind them how they should handle themselves and the brand at all times.

They had their strategic squabbles, of course: James was convinced they must concentrate their efforts on the Jews, their prime target market, while Paul believed passionately in market development, in taking the message to the Gentiles. …

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