Puckish Morning News Scores Stanley Cup Final Tally Makes It into All of Its Editions

Article excerpt

When the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup championship in a triple- overtime final game that didn't end until 1:30 a.m., the late finish forced area newspapers to either deliver some papers late or withhold some game details -- like the final score.

Although both the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Dallas Morning News had special sections devoted to the Stars' big win over the Buffalo Sabres ready to go, the lateness of the game's early-morning finish June 20 required some revamping of delivery and coverage.

"We had to start our presses without a final score, but [we] added it in later to most of them," says Mitchell Krugel, deputy sports editor of the 350,000-circulation Star-Telegram. "The final score did not get on about 100,000 copies."

Krugel, one of 12 staff members who traveled to Buffalo, N.Y., for the final game, says writers were putting stories together as the game was being played in order to make the midnight deadline. Krugel says that the deadline remained, even after it became obvious that the game would not be over in time.

"We had plans locked in in case they won or lost and some very flexible sidebars, so it was not a problem," Krugel says. "We had one columnist turn around a story in 15 minutes when the game ended."

The Morning News chose to delay its usual deadline for Sunday from 12:15 a.m. to 1:55 a.m. so post-game coverage could be included, says assistant sports editor Jeff Miller.

"We were prepared for [a late finish] because we'd had an earlier road game in the playoffs that went to 2 a.m.," says Miller. "One of the problems was that it got so late we had to get fresh quotes off the TV monitors because everyone was still on the ice."

Jeff Beckley, Morning News vice president of circulation, says the later deadline caused about an hour wait for delivery of most Sunday papers. He says newspapers that usually reach all newsstands by 7 a. …


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