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Magazine article Talent Development

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After majoring in journalism and initially diving into the print industry, Todd Brison found a home at IDEMIA, a security and identity solutions company, as a technical writer. From there, he moved to the learning team. Today, he works on media production within IDEMIA's global talent development team. If anyone in the company sees video, audio, or interactive e-learning, Brison has likely touched it in one way or another.

How can learning contribute to the success of companies like IDEMIA?

Today if you aren't learning, you are losing. It's almost scary to see how fast the world is passing people by.

This century's startups--the Ubers, Facebooks, and Blue Aprons of the world--understand this intuitively. It's the big companies like ours that must adjust and be sure we aren't getting passed because we are bigger. We have to rely on learning-focused smaller teams who can pass new ideas up as quickly as possible.

What are the biggest learning-related challenges you've encountered?

Understanding how a corporation of size works. Right now, my team and I are doing a lot of travel to try and connect our global dots--anywhere from Boston to California and from Japan to Singapore, India, or Egypt. I have been to France four times in the last six months, as well as Madrid once.

When you have a company as big and wide as ours, it can take weeks to even truly understand a product or its market fit. This is something we're trying to tackle right now. We want new employees to understand exactly who they are working for and how much good we are doing in the world. …

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