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Magazine article Newsweek International


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"Respect the memory of my daughter."

Raquel Rodriguez, the maternal grandmother of Elian Gonzalez, after arriving in the United States to ensure the safe return of her grandson to Cuba

"A United Nations that seeks to impose its presumed authority on the American people without their consent begs for confrontation and--I want to be candid--eventual U.S. withdrawal." Sen. Jesse Helms, reiterating his conservative stance on American sovereignty before the U.N. Security Council last week

"We hear you, but the idea in this house is that others must be heard as well." French ambassador to the United Nations Alain Dejammet, responding to Helms's remarks

"We have come to a consensus that Asahara was likely involved in the series of crimes he is charged with. Asahara is a genius in yoga and Buddhist meditation methods, and we will continue to practice those methods inherited from him." Senior members of the Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese cult whose leader, Asahara, is currently on trial for the 1995 sarin gas attack that killed 12 people and injured more than 5,000, in a statement last week announcing they were changing their name

"One must give them their due... Their fighting is, well, distinguished." Russian Maj. Gen. Vadim Timchenko, commenting on the quality of Chechen rebels' defense of Grozny, the capital

"I'm sure we all agree we have enough native-born perverts. We don't need to import more." INS official Don Radcliffe, after authorities smashed a smuggling ring accused of importing Japanese women to Hawaii to staff a live pornographic chat room on the Internet

"Is that a place to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, to be on the same dais as the leader of the neo-Nazi party in Austria? …

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