Magazine article Canadian Dimension

Tech Tofu Terrors!

Magazine article Canadian Dimension

Tech Tofu Terrors!

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At brunch I munched on a sweet-and-sour tofu over jasmine rice while the guests discussed investments in genetically modified food stocks.

"Is this tofu organic or GM?" a woman asked.

"You mean genetically modified soybeans?" The hostess reddened.

"I'm not sure," said the hostess. "I'll look at the label if you wish."

"Won't help," responded the questioning woman. "The FDA doesn't force those Monsanto Dr. Frankensteins to label their products. And 60 per cent of U.S. corn and soy beans are GM."

Conversation stopped. I lost my appetite. "Surely," I ventured, "the FDA wouldn't allow companies to mass-market dangerous products."

"Hah," she replied skeptically. "GM foods could kill you and destroy the environment. We don't need them and the government shouldn't allow greedy companies shouldn't alter food genes."

"Hold on," I said. "GM food supposedly tastes better, grows faster, doesn't rot as quickly as regular food and is apparently less likely to trigger allergies. With GM food you don't need to drench the soil with chemical fertilizer and then spray the crops with chemical pesticide."

She glared hate darts at me. "Mad cow, cancer-causing dioxin in food, e-coli in hamburger, other poisonous bacteria in hot dogs," she spat accusingly. "Isn't that enough evidence about science and food? Or do you want to bring back lead and asbestos and convince us that those products had lots of benefits for humanity?"

"Don't get carried away," I pleaded. "You're confusing facts with fears.

We now know that lead and asbestos harm people. …

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