Blade Scribe Takes Stab at Shock Jock

Article excerpt

The Blade staff writer Sandra Svoboda is suing a Toledo, Ohio, radio shock jock for falsely accusing her on-air of sleeping with her boss, Co- Publisher and Editor in Chief John Robinson Block.

In a suit filed Jan. 20 in Lucas County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court, Svoboda said she was sexually slandered on Denny Schaffer's morning drive-time talk show on WVKS-FM over six days in October. Among other things, the suit alleges, Schaffer called Svoboda "John Block's girlfriend" and "John Block's toy," and said she was "sleeping with one of the editors."

Referring to stories Svoboda wrote about the University of Toledo, Schaffer allegedly said, "She's receiving orders from the guy who's putting it to her. Like put the check on the nightstand when I'm done."

In the lawsuit, Svoboda says statements suggesting a personal, intimate, or sexual relationship between Block and Svoboda are false.

Svoboda's attorney, Frederick M. Gittes, said Schaffer's comments had hurt the reporter's professional effectiveness, especially with University of Toledo officials. "The bigger consequence to all this is the attack on the First Amendment: We don't like what you write, so we're going to attack you. …


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