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Magazine article Marketing


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As the reach of the Internet grows, numerous new media agencies are springing up to exploit the opportunities it provides. Its potential is enormous and we have only just scratched the surface in terms of identifying the opportunities it holds.

And yet the people who are best placed to maximise this potential are direct marketers, as the skills needed are ones that lie at the heart of direct marketing.

That is to say, the ability to work with targeted messages that elicit response, the skills to analyse response and, from this analysis, the ability to refine communications strategies and develop customer relationships.

The reason that many direct marketing agencies are struggling to effectively catch on to this is because the so-called 'new media' are still seen as shrouded in mystery.

In reality, though, the new media are very straightforward and, like all other direct media, can be used to sell things and change attitudes.

The terminology may be unfamiliar, but the reality of recruitment, development, retention and brands is not. …

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