Magazine article American Banker

Treasury Chief's Plan Would Lower Boom on Tax Shelters

Magazine article American Banker

Treasury Chief's Plan Would Lower Boom on Tax Shelters

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Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers on Monday announced a comprehensive plan to crack down on corporate tax shelters.

The three-pronged approach would require more disclosure on corporate tax returns, create an Internal Revenue Service unit dedicated to investigating tax shelters, and improve enforcement and stiffen penalties for tax evasion.

"Let me be clear: Our aim is to curb illegitimate tax avoidance," Mr. Summers said. "We have no quarrel with the natural desire of companies and individuals to minimize their tax burden by legitimate means.

"We must, however, draw the line at the pursuit of engineered transactions that ... have no goal other than to reduce a corporation's tax liabilities."

Saying such moves "undermine the integrity of the tax system," Mr. Summers noted that the gap between the book income of U.S. corporations and their taxable income more than doubled in the 1990s and is now in excess of $90 billion.

"Even in a very good year for the corporate sector, last year corporate tax receipts fell by 2%," he said in a speech to the Federal Bar Association. "Although some of this gap can be attributed to other causes, there is no doubt that there has been a striking growth in abusive tax shelters."

The first part of the administration's proposal would require corporate tax returns to provide more information on transactions with certain characteristics. These include significant differences between book income and taxable income, fees of $100,000 or more paid for tax advice, and guarantees against the failure to realize tax benefits. …

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