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Magazine article Newsweek International


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"He is so old."

Egyptian Catholic Nancy Tawfik, 10, after greeting the pope at the Cairo airport last Thursday during the first visit a modern pope has made to Egypt

"And then, suddenly, it became calm... We thought they would just check everyone's passports. But it was a cleansing of everything alive. They killed cattle, dogs, people--children and old people." A Chechen refugee who survived what she said was a recent massacre by Russian soldiers

"We cannot speak of national goals if we don't get our language in order." Yury Vorotnikov, one of 45 experts that make up the Council for Russian Language created last month by acting President Vladimir Putin in response to an influx of English slang like drinksi, khotline, jeansi and potato chipsi

"In some ways we should compliment the Chinese. Maybe in a way they're doing better." Brookings Institution analyst Bates Gill, referring to the "white paper" China sent to Taiwan last week threatening military action if Taiwan did not talk to China about unification. Before the 1996 election, China lobbed missiles into the Taiwan Strait.

"Let not one brick be thrown, not one bottle be thrown, not one evidence of violence by us. Those that believe in Amadou should not betray his memory by acting like those that killed him." The Rev. Al Sharpton, urging New Yorkers to remain calm after the four officers who fired 41 shots in the killing of unarmed immigrant Amadou Diallo were acquitted of all charges

"I don't know who's scoring points. …

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