Magazine article The Futurist

Global Economy Makes Taxing Harder

Magazine article The Futurist

Global Economy Makes Taxing Harder

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Multinational corporations and wealthy individuals are getting better at avoiding taxes, and the resulting loss of tax revenue may hurt many nations' ability to provide social benefits, according to a United Nations report.

The report estimates that offshore deposit holdings, which cannot be taxed, total $7 trillion to $8 trillon--almost the gross domestic product of the United States. Other tax-avoiding schemes:

* Multinational corporations are shifting reports of profits from countries where the tax rates are high to those where the rates are low.

* More people are working outside their home countries, where it is harder to tax their activities.

* The increasing number of cross-border credit-card purchases over the Internet are difficult to tax.

And to make matters worse for high-tax countries, businesses, investors, and shoppers are flocking to countries that have intentionally lowered their tax rates.

"We see a growing gap between the tax systems that were largely created at a time when national economies were closed, capital did not move, and individuals did not travel much, and the systems that would fare well in the current environment," the report says. …

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