Magazine article Guitar Player

Notational Symbols

Magazine article Guitar Player

Notational Symbols

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THE FOLLOWING SYMBOLS are used in Guitar Player workshops to indicate fingerings, techniques, and effects commonly used in guitar music notation. Keep in mind that certain symbols are found in either the tab or the standard notation only--not both. For additional clarity, consult both systems.

4: Left-hand fingering is designated by small Arabic numerals near note heads (1=first finger, 2=second finger, 3=third finger, 4=little finger, and t=thumb).

p : Right-hand fingering designated by letters (p=thumb, i=index, m=middle, a=ring, and c=little).

2 : A circled number (1-6) indicates the string on which a particular note is to be played.

* : Pick downstroke.

* : Pick upstroke.

CV ; The C indicates a full barre; the Roman numeral designates the proper fret.

[cent]v: The If indicates a 1 st finger half-barre covering either the first three or four strings, depending on what is called for in the notation.

3: Partial barre with the designated finger.

* : Left-hand finger vibrato.

[mathematical expression not reproducible]: Bend; play the first note and bend to the required pitch (bent note is in parentheses). See tab explanation.

[mathematical expression not reproducible]: Reverse bend; strike an already bent note, then allow it to return to its unbent pitch (bent note is in parentheses).

[mathematical expression not reproducible]: Hammer-on (lower note to higher).

[mathematical expression not reproducible]: Pull-off (higher note to lower).

2 : Indicates right-hand tapping technique. …

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