Magazine article American Journalism Review

Ajr Asks

Magazine article American Journalism Review

Ajr Asks

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What words or phrases are you most proud of working into a story?

LISA DEPAULO, freelance writer and former contributing editor for George magazine

"When Larry King was marrying all these wives, I called him a `serial husband.' I thought that was great, but now everybody's using it so it's not as funny.... But I still smile every time I see it."

DAVE BARRY, author and syndicated columnist at the Miami Herald

"The names of imaginary rock bands, including The Flaming Salmonella Units, The Excessive Deer Doots, The Rival Bat Dung Gatherers, The Fecal Pellets, The Wood Tick Snorkels, Heave, Squatting Turnips, The Bones of Contention, Pinot Noir and his Nuances of Toast...The Flaming Booty Moths, Earl Piedmont and the Diphthongs, Rodent Passion, Jimmy Music and The Stomach Contents, The Gastric Contents, and, of course, Crotch."

ANNE HULL, national reporter, St. Petersburg Times

"Last year, I followed the rookie season of Josh Hamilton, professional baseball's top draft pick, who at 18 signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for almost $4 million. [I wrote that] his cheekbones were Wheaties-box perfect, his hair lamby and shorn.... The word `lamby' doesn't appear in the English dictionary, but it appeared in my head, which was good enough for my editor, after a discussion about sheep, wool, clippers, the promise of youth and summer haircuts."

RICKY YOUNG, transportation reporter, Denver Post

"I tried three times when I was at the Orange County Register to get the word `kerflooey' into a story. …

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